Born in Australia, Urban Jungle is a unique powerhouse brand set on disrupting the beauty industry by becoming the new choice for inclusive, accessible and easy-to-use products, embracing inclusivity and helping people fearlessly tackle life with swagger and confidence.

And hey, we’re cute to boot.

The Name

The term refers to life in the city — the streets, alleys, neighbourhoods and grime. A heaving metropolis, a concrete jungle of brutal competitiveness, mystery and adventure.

Our Mission

☺ Urban Jungle represents a generation. We want to transform the beauty space into a place everyone feels seen, safe and heard.
☺We aim to empower self- confidence, hero perceived imperfections, embrace inclusivity, encourage individuality, lift up self-acceptance, shut down self doubt and speak up on what’s important to you.
☺ We’re not here to break the bank – affordability is a big part of inclusivity for us. We pair effective Korean formulations with an affordable price-point so that you don’t have to fork out truckloads of cash for skincare products that actually work.

Our Values

We're a brand with a backbone.

We do our best to show up for the communities we don’t represent (as well as the ones we do). Showing up can take different forms but whether it’s donating, giving marginalised people platforms, or educating our community, we do it all.

We don’t just talk the talkwe walk the walk.

Our team is made up of a diverse range of people that represents our audience – they identify as: LGBTQIA+, immigrants, and women of colour. Urban Jungle is LGBTQIA+ owned and women-led.

Considered donations.

Organisations know what the communities they serve need better than we do so we always listen first, donate second. Some of our donations have included Black Rainbow and The Equality Project.

Representation Matters.

We help empower and give people a platform to represent their communities by engaging with a diverse range of communities for paid collaboration and services. We hope this will lead to a positive snowball effect and we’ll see more communities navigating the world with swagger and confidence.

Social awareness – speaking up on what’s important to you.

We acknowledge the growing influence we have in the community and we feel a responsibility to use our platforms not only to promote our amazing products but to speak up about important issues such as Non-Binary Day, Pride Month, Women’s Equality Day and more.