Urban Jungle

The term refers to life in the city — the streets, alleys, neighbourhoods and grime. A heaving metropolis, a concrete jungle of brutal competitiveness, mystery and adventure.

Urban Jungle is a simple and effective beauty brand, aimed to embrace inclusivity, welcoming all and helping people fearlessly tackle life with swagger and confidence.

Our Mission –

We aim to empower self-confidence in our consumers, hero flaws, embrace inclusivity, encourage individuality, lift up self-acceptance, shut down self-doubt and speak up on what’s important to you.

We will set trends and continue to innovate. We’re a brand you follow closely to stay tuned for our next bold move.

And hey, we’re cute to boot.

Made in Korea

We aim to offer the best in quality and found Korea is always one step ahead and non-stop when it comes to innovation. In the process of creating our products, we opted for the most advanced technology to design the finest formulas.

Vegan & PETA Approved formula

All Urban Jungle products are free from animal-derived ingredients and aren’t tested on animals. We support skincare practices that are ethical and environmentally more sustainable.

Recyclable packaging

We focus on causing no unnecessary harm to the environment by using great quality packaging made with PETG plastic and cardboard that can be recycled or upcycled. All orders are also shipped with packing peanuts that are non-toxic and biodegradable.