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30x holographic unicorn shaped patches
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What is it?

30x unicorn shaped, hydrocolloid packed pimple patches that'll give your pimples the boot. With these beauty spots, what you see is what you get but the secret's really on the inside.

Suitable for all ages & skin types. Vegan and cruelty free (PETA certified).


• Helps protect the skin by creating a seal over it to absorb oil and pus (and other bits on your radar)

• Helps reduce the size of spots faster

• Helps to prevent inflammation and heals your pimples from the inside out

• Most effective on those stubborn white pimples

• Unicorn shaped, need we say more?!

Key Ingredients

100% hydrocolloid: It protects the skin by creating a seal over it to absorb oil and pus (and other bits on your radar). It also flattens the spots faster, reduces inflammation, and heals pimples from the inside out.

Full Ingredients List: 100% Hydrocolloid

What to do


Step 1: wash your face with a gentle cleanser, pat dry

Step 2: ensure the place you apply the patch is completely dry and free from moisturisers and oils

Step 3: with clean fingertips, apply the patch onto pimple (no need to press hard, these are highly adhesive)

Step 4: leave on for 8-12 hours. They look so fun you won’t want to take them off. But when you do… voilà!

Can be used any time but they work even better in the PM, when you skin is in healing mode.

Store your patches in a cool, dry place to prevent the hydrocolloid from drying out.

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